Invoice Model

Invoice Model

For any further information please email Cancellation policies This policy defines how to handle cancellations In case of cancellation or modification will be charged 20% of the total dellaprenotazione price. No-shows will be charged the total price of the reservation. Through partners and flat pages site, visit partner site and lorocondizioni. Having reserved thanks to them that we both follow conditions lorotermini and; Deposit or prepayment policy.

This defines the criteria for prepayment / security deposit requirements.

20 percent of the total amount will be charged on the day of booking. Full payment is taken if specified If you communicate that you are paying by credit card, an authorization for interoimporto could be requested the day before the arrival security deposit the deposit is scheduled for the day of check-in, -si unassegno In EUR, check, cash, check or traveler card, or transfering, your agent will let you know. The security deposit will be returned ilgiorno departure after the apartment moves / move on diinventario check. Medium / long term French law push this refund up to 2 months after departure. The security deposit covers the potential damage you and vostriospiti can do. The security deposit is a deposit or rental.

In general, for booking short-term rentals made on the Dicasa International website:

Payment Policy:

20% of the total price of the reservation will be charged on the dellaprenotazione day or before arrival for short stays (holidays to lungotermine are not immediate reserves on the site and conditions are discussed viaposta / call). No-shows will be charged 100 percent totaledella booking. Security deposit may be charged to the credit card or potrebbeessere made in cash upon arrival; Anyway will be refunded up to 5 days after ilcheck flat-out is left in good condition (standard of cleanliness is included, unextra could be charged for extra cleaning if needed). The potrebbeessere of authorization taken as surety and canceled once the period of renting which is complete no damage.

Data credit card data site, mail, phone, communication partners of nonsaranno maintained after your stay. We do not keep credit card details after finishing work and low-paying lives.

For any further information please email