Juridic Protection

Juridic Protection

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General conditions for house bookings

Reservation: Dish where immediate booking is not possible: the medium term usually flat (indicated when you book), choose a piattoe send an application form, We will contact you to complete the procedure of dinoleggio; Apartment with immediate availability; Depending on the dish (indicated by piattonel site) you will have to pay 20% by credit card at the time of booking and left theyaldo arrival. Or the total amount of the rental on the site at the indicated location, or I booked through a partner like booking.com, FriendlyRentals etc; Please dicheck conditions in their website, what made the reservation, we follow the conditions diterze parties in order to collect payment at the right time, by mail, telephone, face to face, bank transfer (not by our Site), those who are indicatinei their websites and / or your confirmation email.