Invest in Florida, cashflow or flipping formulas for international investors

In the Tampa bay we work with one of the largest whole salers of distressed properties to identify and choose and do good operations for us and our investors. With over 200 transactions completed, equating to $25,000,000 in sold inventory,  we offer you the expertise to create success in real estate. Our unique and proven real investment strategies have made us one of the top real estate investment firms in Tampa Bay, being able to manage investments for more than 100 Real Estate investors.


  • Investments are safe, secure and backed by real estate
  • Generate double-digit returns on your money—300%-500% or more what traditional banks and investments can deliver
  • ROI that’s returned to you in three to nine months, not years
  • A totally turnkey system managed by local experts—passive income that KEEPS DELIVERING
  • Profits may be subject to a  low taxation
  • Investing in real estate in Florida is PROFITABLE, either with flipping or buy and hold strategies,  offering better return than in Europe with relatively high safety

Today’s Real Estate Market Is An Ideal Landscape For New & Existing

  • With economic boosts, added housing stats and increases in both the rental and purchase markets, there’s never been a better time to dive in.
  • The market is healthier than ever—but we’re definitively not in a bubble. Median home prices are at pre-recession highs, up nearly 6%—higher than, even, appreciation. And, beyond that, foreclosures are at their lowest.
  • Single-family housing stats are expected to rise double digits this year, more than making up for the slight inventory lags.
  • Millennial homebuyers are purchasing homes in and around major cities throughout the U.S. Because this is the largest population in the country and, now, the wield significant spending power, their entry into the market could be a major win for sellers, builders and investors.
  • Early stage Baby Boomers are dominating the rental market. As millennials start their careers and their families, they’re looking for long-term rentals. On the flip side, older renters are seeking to downsize, creating a need for optimal rentals targeting this market. Today’s

Why Do Sellers Choose Remida?


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