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Here is a part of our portfolio, most of our apartments are available for medium term rents and long term rents. But tell us your need, we will make it up for you. 


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Do you want an income by giving it for long term rental or medium term rentals?

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Our management team fully realizes that each home is unique. With that in mind at International Home, we focus on each home individually. We are specializing in Long-term rents & medium term rent. Special rent apartments for international students in Paris. We adapt our services depending on the home and its owners’ expectations and projected results.

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Do you look around to rent a place in Paris?

Everyone is dreaming to live in a luxurious house, more and more living in Paris can be a heaven but, finding a property in Paris is a nightmare. If you are hoping to come to Paris for studies, to do a job, as non-Parisian, it’s the worst nightmare ever. From 10 years of experience, we have learned how exactly you can purchase/rent a property in Paris. It’s not about the money we care, it’s all about your comfort what matters to us the most.


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If you want to buy a home in Paris. There are a lot of things you should think of before buying, specially as a non-resident. Do you want it to be a studio, a large loft, no of bedroom(s) it should have? Should it be furnished? or not? Is it an investment or a secondary home for your personal use? Our selection of properties and services will help you along the way! Our services covering A to Z the needs of non-resident. We are not an agency that wants to just sell apartments – there are plenty around. Our agency was created by people who have been there and done that. Been foreign residents at times, investors, residents and non-resident buyers in various places. And now we use our experiences to accompany investors like you in facilitating all the steps of an overseas property purchase: market analysis, choice of property, administrative follow through, cost-effective management of the investment after purchase.

Orientation and advice
Daily Management
Buy and sale assistance
Assistance and specialized services

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The Company and The Service

From 2003 we mainly provide our service to Italians, expats and other internationals coming to live or invest in Paris, becoming a leading service for Italians and expats as Casa Parigi/Paris Home.  Since 2008 we have been asked by our investors and owners, mostly Italians and French, to provide the service for them in Florida, London, Berlin and elsewhere. We do that directly or gathering other professionals who have trained and have the experience working with international clients.

From the experience, we have gained for these years from every corner in Paris, making a lot of happy clients and to make them understand who we are as International Home Network. Initially, we provided our service offline and mainly to Italians, but now it’s to everyone who’d like to buy/rent out apartments in Paris. We have apartments in the best of each Parisian arrondissement and neighbourhood – from schools, restaurants, sights, cafes, supermarkets, and galleries.
Our mission is to provide you the best in your investments, buy and relocate abroad easy and show you the path how to make the profit, mostly we provide everything you just have to come to the right place which is one-stop service. We provide a full range of services, operated in-house directly or via selected partners, to help and relieve you in whatever you need:
Consulting before and during the investment
Property finding
Follow & support the legal process, rehab, utilities
Rentals and management, short-medium-long term
Support in all other services for non-residence and help with tax.

We create, improve and modify permanently our services according to market and when the rules are changing time to time, to find the good way to have a good profitability and peaceful ownership. We value your money, we know why you’d like to invest and live abroad, our promise is you will not get lost with us, your win is our win, that’s what we have learned from the 14 years of experience.

International Home
Our Team

Our team is very diverse! In touch with the name of the company.

Different nationalities and from the different part of the world, we work together and bring you the best services which include consulting, choosing apartments and third-party service providers in all our destinations. Our young, well experienced and dynamic team is here for you!

Our Team

Fabiano Testa


+33 (0)9 82 49 77 89

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Marcello Pizzocaro

Sale and Marketing Consultant

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Raffaella Spena

Back Office

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Benoit Martinez

Director of Operations

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Katarina Kalinina

Short Term Rental Manager

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Paolo Costantino

Property Owners Relations

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Team Berlin for French


Jan Mittl

Associate Founder


Lionel Paillé

Sales Manager

Team Berlin for Italians


Fabrizio  Selvaggi

Sales and Consulting


Cristian Galluzzo

Rentals and Management

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