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A quick overview for buyers

Buying a propery in Paris

Plan your investment

Either you are buying for pleasure, investments or a mix of the two, take the time to know local market, learn about areas and choose the right arrondissements, aligned your wishes, budget and target strategy, .  Set your budget limits, come up with your financial strategy and geographical target.

Take the time to discuss with your International home consultant.

Those are important steps for any successful property acquisition, as those will clear things out, speed  your search and avoid mistakes.

If you need some help with financing just prepare that in advance. If you need any help just ask us.


Start searching our available apartments for sale in Paris to find the ones that meet your criteria. Paris market is very fast and flats are sold fast so use those example to train you and don’t hesitate to tell us what you are looking for? Send us an apartment search request or register to our email newsletter.

Understand local market and rules

It is important to understand différencies between your market and Paris so to avoid possible troubles later.  Speak with your International Home expert to understand différencies, check flats and papers so to buy safe and easy.

Legal Process & Contracts

Legal process and contracts can’t be done by an overnight in France. This process takes time.

  1. Contract Process
  2. Contract Conditions
  3. Property Surveys
  4. Local Searches
  5. Sole Ownership Structure
  6. Joint Ownership Structure

This guide will be included in the buying process.

After-sale services

If you have bought your apartment for investment purpose or just as a second home, it is important to find right partners to help you in manage and rent the property while you are abroad. It is not commun to find local agencies having the service deep enough to serve international owners on every steps.   We are there to provide you with a 360° turn-key service for non-residents.   Either to optimize your profit and taxes or just make your new ownership peaceful.
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Latest Apartments for Sale In Paris

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Paris, Arrondissement 3

Le Compte Charming Studio marais

16 (italiani 19/20)sq.m.
Studio For Rent, For Sale
16 (20 italiani)sq.m.
1 Bedroom For Sale
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