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Invest In A Property Abroad?

We support international investors and non-resident owners 360° on their real estate venture.

Live where you want to live but invest where it makes sense

Providing solutions where opportunities arise

Tell us what kind of abroad investment you are looking for. Or tell us more about what you expect and we will try to drive you in the right directions.

Depending on the location we help you in choosing the right strategy, find the property, keep the investment running and generate cash flow.   In some destinations we run directly the operations meanwhile in other we focus on selecting a good partner and where needed we coordinate strategy or operations for and with you.  You can invest abroad and take opportunities without too much Hassles and risks, we are there to smooth the operations and help you. And that on the long run, not just for a sale.

It is often said and come true that find and pick a good partner helping it is even more important that pick the best market.  And you save a lot of potential troubles and money not doing all alone.

You can think of opportunities elsewhere but it is too difficult to go purchase and manage abroad?   We are here for that, we scout opportunities and we take care of all the process with you or for you.

We will find you the investment opportunities which you can invest by yourself or be part of one organized by us and just get the profit out of it.

As a company, we mostly have helped buyers in choosing properties in Paris, London or Berlin but we made investments ourselves or help people in other destinations too, selecting other opportunities, manage their investments opportunities in Florida, Spain and elsewhere when customers need our consultancy or opportunities arise. Our focus on the destination is driven by market opportunities and customer needs.

We carefully collect, screens and selects investment opportunities and/or specialized local partners to cover different investment profiles and needs. We think that even in real estate investments there are not one product-fitting-all investor profiles. Strategies, locations, market, sub-market and properties should be chosen carefully and following the different investment profile.

Our investment strategy Panel

Buy and hold

Buy and Let

Keep money invested diversified and safe or just wait next best moment to sell.  

what for?

  • A profitability rate
  • Good positive cash flow
  • Long-run wealth and portfolio creation
  • Waiting value appreciation

Investment Second home

Second home

Investment on a second home for you or to your loved ones.

what for?

  • Mix investment with pleasure
  • Useful second home
  • Capital diversification or protection
  • A long term investment plan
  • Future use for loved ones

Vacation home

Second home

Get your home in a tourism area, rent it out when you don’t use it.

  • Apartments in central areas
  • Renting out when not using it

Real Estate Deals


Invest not being alone, but pool-investing in bigger investment projects

  • Participate with others in bigger investment projects
  • Invest directly with us for real estate projects in Paris, Florida or elsewhere
  • participate in Real estate deals

co-investing or profit share deals

Profit Share deal

we will find the investment projects where you can invest a smaller budget and get the profit share out of it

  • we partner or co-invest with you 
  • we are paid just on profits

Money for a profit

Profit in real estate

Lend money for a return without participating in a deal.   Real estate is just a back-up guarantee.

  • Lend money for a relatively attractive and safe profits
  • Safer return than stocks guaranteed by a real estate asset
  • higher returns than bank saving accounts


If you live in California, in London, Paris or similar cities you might feel that investing in real estate need a lot of capital for a not very high return.  

At the opposite if you live in a country where crisis has been through or where you feel high uncertainty, like in Italy, Spain, Greece or like if you live in a rural,  distressed or not very dynamic and attractive location like some small city or not touristy countryside you might think that real estate investment in your location is not a good deal.

Good news is that you are not obliged to stand still on your market, the world is big and plenty of different markets you can choose-in. Even limiting to stable and developed “western” countries you can get better and/or different opportunities than the one you have at home. Depending on your profile it could be for better cash flow, less risk, more increase in value in coming years, currency and investment diversification or…other reasons.   

Do you think that buying and manage abroad is difficult? Yes, it isn’t easy and it should be done carefully but… good news, we are here to help you during all the process +  not all investment need very high personal involvement.

We carefully chose our selections, we help you all the way through your investment process.  Most of our customers are returning customers or come by word of mouth.

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