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Invest In Florida

Invest in Florida, cash flow, lifestyle or flipping formulas for international investors

Invest in U.S. Market

Our Florida Portfolio

In the Tampa bay we work with one of the largest whole-salers of distressed properties to identify and choose and do good operations for us and our investors. With over 200 transactions completed, equating to $125,000 in sold inventory, we offer you the expertise to create success in real estate.

Our unique and proven real investment strategies have made us one of the top real estate investment firms in Tampa Bay, being able to manage investments for more than 100 Real Estate investors.

Foreign investment into US residential property is in Florida, No 1 for overseas investors


In the last five years, the US has recorded 33% house price growth, substantially above the performance of many European markets that continue to be in downturn. While not as fast-paced as some emerging markets the perception of the US as safe and secure, with trusted legal and banking secors are factors which attract overseas prroperty buyers.

While in 2019, some countries have actively sought or are currently discussing ways to restrict overseas property investors, second home buyers or wealthy individuals, often via punitive tax systems, the US has few barriers to residential investment.


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Low risk , high returns

Why Investors Choose Florida

Relatively Safe

Florida is one of the healthiest markets in USA. Investments are relatively safer than Europe.

Short term ROI

Generate double-digit returns on your money, comparatively low taxation. ROI that’s returned to you in months, not years.

High Profits

More steady and brings high profit and a more attractive state in US.

Timing is always perfect

With economic boosts, added housing stats and increases in both the rental and purchase markets, there’s never been a better time to dive in.

Life Style

Investing in Florida is more lifestyle. Mostly the villas you own, luxury boats.

Perfect Second Home

Perfect location for a second home investment while you enjoy your holidays and renting out until you come back.
Orlando life is cheaper


Florida is the first choce of all te US states for overseas property investors. With the housing market gathering momentum at both national and reginal level, investors are seizing the opportunity to capitalize on rising values as well as income returns in hotspots such as Orlando. In contrast to other major cities, Orlando is also a price accessible location invest and live in, making it attractive for investors, vacation home buyers and retirees.

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Offers in Florida

We bring you more and more lifestyle investment for you. Contact us for more info.